Hot Tap &
Line Intervention

North American hot tapping repair services with zero downtime for scheduled and 24/7 projects.


Main Services

Our expert field personnel are capable of a broad range of services and line sizes.

Hot Tapping

1/2" up to 96"

Pipe Freeze

1/2" to 42"

Valve Installations

1/2" to 42"

Line By-Pass

1/2" to 36"

Line Stop

1/2" to 96"

Wall Tapping

1/2" up to 96"

Professional Hot Tapping Services

We provide top-quality hot tapping services for pipelines and pressurized systems without shutting down the system or interrupting material flow. We take pride in providing safe, quick, and efficient service for pipeline repair, reconstruction, or replacement with our state-of-the-art line of hot tapping machines.

With an arsenal of industry-grade equipment and a variety of hot tapping service methods (shown below), our in-house hot tapping specialists are well-versed in providing professional hot tapping services for a large scope of pipelines and pressurized systems regardless of size, scale, or complexity.

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Additional Services

In addition to our core services, we offer the following pipeline services across North America.

Valve Replacement
Flowmeter Installation
Conversion Tee Installation
Insta-valve Install
Thermo-well Inserts
Air Valve Replacement
Butterfly Valve Tapping
Lateral Tee Install

Our Customers

We are trusted by many companies across North America for long-term and emergency projects.

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